Kenek Sleep Monitor

Overnight Recording Pulse Oximeter

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The Science of Sleep

Kenek Sleep is specifically designed for sleep monitoring at home using hospital grade materials and sensors. Kenek Sleep provides all-night recording of high-resolution heart rate, oxygen, sleep movement and more, right from your iOS device.

After recording, your sleep data is securely transmitted to your private internet dashboard, where it is further analyzed and available for review.

High Definition Sleep Assessment

Accurate: Rigorously tested at the renowned Bickler Labs for US FDA-quality performance

Comfortable: Made of durable medical grade materials for hypo-allergenic, all-night use

Private: Build sleep insights from the convenience of your home

High Definition Sleep Assessment

Is Kenek Sleep Right For You?

What makes Kenek Sleep different?

What makes Kenek Sleep difference?
Sleep sensor made of hospital grade materials meeting US FDA required accuracy
Unique Sensor Design

The Kenek Sleep sensor is a hospital-grade pulse oximeter sensor that connects to your Apple mobile device. It shines light through your finger and precisely measures the result to produce highly accurate continuous blood oxygen and heart rate measurements. This information is combined with the powerful sensors in your iOS device to produce a high-definition sleep assessment.

Kenek Sleep measures your body's vital signs while you sleep and tracks your sleep quality over time, providing you the information you need to improve your sleep.


  • Oxygen - the percentage of functional arterial blood oxygen saturation (SpO2%)
  • Heart Rate - the number of heart beats per minute (bpm)
  • Motion - the amount sleep movement (mm/s)

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The Kenek Pulse Oximeters are not intended for diagnosis.
The devices may be used for personal assessment only.