The Kenek Edge Pulse Oximeter

Designed by doctors

Kenek Edge with Sensor
Made for you

The Kenek Edge™ pulse oximeter iOS app measures blood oxygen and heart rate using a hospital-grade finger sensor attached to your mobile phone or tablet. It can record and save data continuously for up to 24 hours. The saved data can be exported and graphed to show the details of heart rate and blood oxygen.

The app generates an audio signal that drives the sensor, shining a non-invasive light through your fingertip, receiving a signal back. The app continuously analyzes the signal and produces vital signs measurements that are highly accurate and reliable.


SpO2 % - the percentage of functional arterial blood oxygen saturation

Heart Rate - the number of heart beats per minute (bpm)

SQI - signal quality index

Heart rate and oxygen chart

Kenek Edge and Kenek Sleep

Both Kenek Edge and Kenek Sleep use a corded sensor to measures heart rate and blood oxygen (SpO2). Both apps use the same sensor type and are interchangeable. The new sensor design has a longer cord and soft finger clip for increased sleep comfort.

Kenek Edge records and exports data through email. The manually exported data may be loaded into the Grapher tool to create charts in your web browser or imported into a spreadsheet application for more advanced analysis.

Kenek Sleep automatically uploads your sleep data to Internet Dashboard where it is immediately available for reviewing and sharing. Kenek Sleep is a better way to monitor your sleeping Heart Rate and Oxygen. Kenek Edge users can upgrade to the Kenek Sleep App and Internet Dashboard for sleep monitoring and analysis for free.

The Kenek Pulse Oximeters are not intended for diagnosis.
The devices may be used for personal assessment only.