About Kenek Health

Kenek Health Inc. is a management owned Canadian technology company specializing in mobile pulse oximetry and its application in respiratory disease, disordered sleep breathing, and heart arrhythmia screening.

The patented Kenek Core™ platform (US Patent: 8,958,859; Canadian Patent: 2,836,324) uses the advanced capabilities of today's mobile devices to collect and process respiratory performance information rapidly, accurately and non-invasively. The Kenek Core technology was developed in conjunction with researchers at the University of British Columbia and the BC Children’s Hospital and performance tested at the world renowned Bickler-Ye Hypoxia Research Laboratory. It has been used by researchers in international clinical trials in North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Kenek Health markets a consumer sleep monitoring solution and a recording pulse oximeter for the US and Canadian markets. It is developing a COVID-19 home monitoring pulse oximeter to detect the early onset of hypoxia.

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The Kenek Pulse Oximeters are not intended for diagnosis.
The devices may be used for personal assessment only.